Request for Applications – Assistant Project Manager

RFP: Request for Applications


Job Description: Assistant Grant Administrator and Project Manager

Organization Name: Festival Beach Food Forest

Address: 25-½ Waller Street, Austin TX 78702

Contact Person: Jodi Lane

Telephone Number of Contact Person: 512-422-0655

Email Address of Contact Person:


1. Background / Introduction: 

The Festival Beach Food Forest (FBFF) is a grassroots pilot project neighboring the Festival Beach Community Garden and RBJ Residential Center in East Austin. We have transformed 2/3rds of an acre of City Park Land into an edible forest garden where visitors can openly forage and enjoy fresh food on the shores of Lady Bird Lake. Fruits, nuts, vegetables and herbs now flourish in this experimental pilot project to reclaim the public commons. Covid-19 has brought into focus how important it is to have a healthy immune system. By creating spaces that give all people access to healthy food and medicinal plants as well as resources to grow their own gardens we effort to ensure the generational health and well being of our communities as well as our natural systems. 

The Rebekah Baines Johnson Senior and Disabled Center next door to the FBFF is also going through a major campus expansion and we aim to influence a healthy and equitable outcome for that rare mixed-income development; nurture our seniors and neighbors; and tell the story of the “old growth trees” of the diverse East Austin community, past and present, that give this area its rich soil and unique soul.

See this link for a deeper dive into the mission and beginnings of the FBFF. 

In April of 2020 the FBFF received a grant in the amount of $24,800 to expand our current 2/3rds acre to the full 4+/- acre site by planting additional canopy and understory trees and edible landscaping. We have outlined a full year of programming, community outreach, advisory coalition building as well as educational and celebratory events that will help inform an equitable and inclusive “Urban Food Forest Planning Process” that is the final deliverable of our grant proposal. 

The Festival Beach Food Forest is looking for assistance overseeing the timely implementation of grant activities and deliverables. This is a part-time role that will start immediately and run through the final execution of the grant projects in April 2021. 


2. Overall Grant Goals and Deliverables:

A. Expansion and Campus Planning  

    • Invite input and strengthen relationships: 
      • Generate outdoor nature education, harvesting techniques and food distribution for intergenerational and culturally diverse public, with an emphasis on including traditionally disenfranchised community members. 
      • Facilitate guided discussions, activities and exercises based in regenerative frameworks to capture community input during gatherings. 
      • Install harvesting kiosk and educational signage (by others) to fully engage the community in current events, harvesting what is ripe and bring techniques home. 
    • Develop a campus plan: with the input from community stakeholders
      • Create campus planning and advisory committees with transparent and structured representation from local leaders, non-profit organizations and the City of Austin departments. (This will be the genesis for future projects throughout the City).
      • Engage local business owners and developers to engage in the campus planning effort. Connect with Soul-y Austin and the COA Economic Development department to assist with this effort.
      • Produce site plan vision and campus plan design drawings including; overall site plan, excavation plan, installation details as needed and planting plan to be approved by PARD. 

B. Forest Maintenance and Care 

      • Plant additional and maintain understory and pollinator species. 

C. Developing a Model 

      • Generate a “story book” to accompany year-end report detailing in a highly visual and inspiring way; this unique project, best practices, lessons learned and replicable processes such that communities throughout Austin have a road map to follow.


3. Assistant Project Manager Role, Responsibilities and Expectations

Assist Grant Administrator/ Manager with the following:

    • Be responsible for implementing short and long-term work plans for entire scope of grant, including managing targets and milestones. 
    • Delegate tasks to teams/volunteers/project leaders that are best positioned to complete them.
    • Manage all teams adherence to deadlines.
    • Manage the tracking and logging of Grant expenditures.
    • Assist in filing progress reports required by grantor- COA Urban Forests Program.
    • Put in 4-6 hours per week of focused attention to the role, with a minimum of 4 (except the during holidays). 


4. Skills and Qualifications

    • Experience and passion for Project Management including managing timelines, maintaining structure and achieving goals.
    • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills, to work with a wide range of volunteers and volunteer leaders who invest their time out of a passion for the project.
    • Decisiveness and result oriented problem-solving skills.
    • The ability to delegate effectively.
    • Exemplary time management skills.
    • Ability to make effective decisions when presented with multiple options for how to progress.


5. Compensation and Incentives

    • Monetarily the role will provide $25/hour (for 4-6 hours a week) not to exceed $2900 thru April 2021
    • You will be working alongside a skilled group of caring individuals, with a variety of professional backgrounds, giving you the opportunity to gain exceptional exposure to a number of fields (i.e., inclusive community engagement, regenerative design and development, permaculture & landscape design, medicinal and edible landscape practices, grant fulfillment, nature education, celebratory event creation, storytelling and potentially filmmaking, and more).
    • You will contribute to a unique and newsworthy project that is pioneering diversity, equity and inclusion in our public spaces centered around healthy food access and the stewardship of natural systems. 
    • Help pioneer a movement for more tree canopy, soil generation, data collection and reclaiming the public commons, for the benefit of all.


6. Apply

Please reply to asap with:

      • Resume
      • Brief, no more than 250 word cover page detailing:
        1. Why this role is for you
        2. Specific interests and qualifications that apply directly to this project
        3. Any challenges/negotiations/counter offers


Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled.


We are committed to building a diverse team and People of Color and  with roots in the Holly & East Cesar Chavez neighborhoods (78702 zip code) are especially encouraged to apply.


Thank you for your time and attention!

the Festival Beach Food Forest team