Garden Party #3 at Metz Elementary School

Jul 13, 2013

It’s time to spread the word, reaching out to Holly and East Cesar Chavez neighbors about the food forest (and August workshop), and decorating our bus-bench-gardens with signs to help people connect to the movement!

Calling all Austinites! Have you ever dreamed about painting and creating permanent signage displaying food forests, wicking beds, community building, etc. with a group of beautiful people for the east side (holly shores neighborhood)? Have you imagined what it would be like and how powerful it would be reaching out to residents of the (holly shores) neighborhood to talk to them about what they would like to see in the first food forest on public parkland in Austin? Well now’s your chance! We are having our East Feast Garden Party – #4! this Saturday morning for Austin’s first food forest supported by Austin Parks and Rec. department. This party focuses on creating colorful educational signage and having conversations with neighbors and ends with a parrrrtayyyyy potluck! If your eager to get involved come out to our weekly East Feast 2022 meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon at Camacho Recreation Center at 6:30 pm. 34 Robert Martinez Jr. Austin, Texas 78704. you will see our two bus stop beautification installation on your way their as your going down robert martinez jr. ♥


8:30, sign making and wicking bed/bench upgrades 2200 Willow Street (Willow and Robert Martinez bus stop)

10:00, outreach teams go out to take on blocks and other assignments

1pm, potluck at Metz Rec, where we can continue to spread the love at the splash pad!

When: Saturday, July 20, 2013 at 8:30am

Where: Metz Elementary School / Escuela Primaria Metz

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Get your hands in the soil with us!

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