08/28 City Council vote on Holly Shores Master Plan

Aug 26, 2014 | 0 comments

THIS THURSDAY at 700 Lavaca St. – this should be the ultimate meeting on the Holly Shores Master Plan, in which the Council votes to approve or deny the Plan. The Festival Beach Food Forest is an addendum to the Master Plan, and we can move forward as the Plan does. Come join us in solidarity!

If you are able to attend this meeting, please wear green to show your support of the Food Forest project!

Meet at 6pm at Rabbit’s (upstairs from Whisler’s, on 6th and Chicon) and we will carpool to the Council meeting! We have a 15-person van, leaving at 6:30pm to head over to the meeting (at 700 Lavaca). Come ride with us! The van will be acting as a shuttle, making runs periodically to ferry people to and from the meeting. Look for the green shirts! We will be heading back to Rabbit’s post-meeting for a decompression session, and to return you to your vehicle.

You don’t have to speak to show solidarity with the Food Forest project – your presence is more than enough! However, if you do choose to sign up for a slot to speak at the meeting, we request that you keep in mind our overarching message: that this project will move forward only with the spirit of love and long-term community support. Wee see this as an opportunity to unite disparate voices for the good of all, not to further enforce existing divisions. Here are our talking points:

Make healthy food accessible to all
Grow community and connect neighbors
Preserve natural tranquility and vibrant ecological health
Provide a safe and fun place to explore and experience nature
Project sustainability thru Committed Stewards

And our intention for how we will walk into City Hall:
Inviting. Grounded in the overarching vision of what inspires us and we know to be possible for the food forest. Prepared to speak from that future place, and listen for ways to invite people into it.
Loving. Grounded in our love for other people, for each other, our city. We all are connected, we all belong.
Empowered. Grounded in our own individual power, within ourselves, our own confidence, our own highest selves.

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