Council approves Phase One of food forest at Festival Beach!

Aug 30, 2014 | 0 comments

WAHOO! We’re moving along, folks! Council voted 7-0 to approve an amended version of the Holly Shores Master Plan, which includes <1 acre of initial food forestry on a patch of public parkland on the east side of Waller St.

East Feast would like to thank all of our volunteers and collaborators for their hard work so far – it’s a testament to the power of grassroots organizing and vision that we’ve gotten to this point. Next steps: fundraising, outreach, and finalizing the design, so you and me can get our hands dirty and put some plants in the ground!

Stay tuned for more details over the next week or two – we will be holding more public design meetings, and want to hear your feedback, suggestions, and concerns! In the meantime, please feel free to use our comment form, and join the mailing list if you haven’t already done so.

With love,
East Feast
via Jesse, Outreach Coordinator

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